BÖSL Lympha-mat® 300N

Gradient intermittent compression for specific treatment of lymphatic edema.

The BÖSL Lympha-mat® 300N offers an effective form of intermittent pneumatic compression therapy. Next to manual lymphatic drainage, intermittent pneumatic compression has been firmly integrated as a pillar of current decongestion therapy practises. Its effectiveness is demonstrated and documented in countless studies.

The 12-level gradient system of treatment is effectively achieved through specially developed sleeves containing overlapping air chambers which successively fill with air to provide a theraputic gradient pressure. This gradient intermittent compression mobilizes the fluid in the limb allowing it to disperse unhindered and without return flow. A significantly minimized pressure at the sleeve’s end relieves the adjacent drainage area and is highly positive on lymphatic edema. The tissue is decongested, and metabolism and gas exchange are significantly improved.


12-level gradient system

  • Gradient treatment pressure
  • Overlapping air chambers
  • Pneumatic controlled system

The Therapy Device

The Lympha-mat® 300N, was developed especially for domestic use, is robust and high-performing.

The gradient pressurization decongests gently over twelve levels, and the fixed interval of 15 seconds gives enough time to exploit the lymphangiomotoric cycles.

The Gradient System

The 12-level gradient system lympha-mat® 300N has been established in the medical field of edema treatment and successful for many years. It is known worldwide for its pneumatic pressurization with the gradient principle, and for its overlapping air chamber system integrated in the treatment sleeves.

The BÖSL lympha-mat® 300N is suited for all types of limb edema, specializing in the treatment of lipedema, lymphedema and combination forms.

The Principle

In one compression cycle, the sleeve’s twelve overlapping chambers successively filled with air in twelve levels, ascending in a proximal direction. All the chambers remain filled with air until the last chamber has attained the desired pressure. The air is then released simultaneously from all twelve chambers, and after an interval the inflation cycle begins once again.

The air chambers have a hand’s breath and overlap at 50%. In combination with gradient pressure they prevent interchanging flowing which creates an unphysiological strain on the valves, and effectively promote the venous and lymphatic reflux. The tissue is decongested, and metabolism and gas exchange are significantly improved.

The Treatment Sleeves

The light-weight sleeves consist of only high-quality materials which are extremely robust, easy to clean, disinfectable and fully tolerated by the body. They meet DIN EN ISO standards and thus pass strict biological tests.

The internal air chamber system contains twelve overlapping air chambers produced in long-life polyurethane. It is covered with a special textile which is dirt-repellant and easy to clean in daily use. Multiple plugs, zippers and Velcro fastenings simplify the handling.

Compression pant with 24 chambers belt optional

hip circumference up to 150cm

thigh circumference up to 83cm

available in smaller size or with expansion panel

Leg sleeve with 12 chambers full length zip, velcro fastening

thigh circumference up to 88cm

thigh length up to 85cm

available in smaller size or with expansion panel

Arm sleeve with 12 chambers full length, velcro fastening

upper arm circumference up to 58cm

upper arm length up to 71cm

expansion panel available

Jacket with 12 chambers left/right or both sleeves

waist circumference up to 134cm

upper arm circumference up to 55cm

expansion panel and belt available



Additional Information

BÖSL Lympha-mat® Info Sheet

Study on the effectiveness of pneumatic compression in lymphedema maintenance