Training For The Hip: The New CoxaTrain

Training For The Hip: The New CoxaTrain

Stay active with the CoxaTrain: this light hip orthosis provides relief while walking and targets the entire lumbar, pelvic, and hip region. The innovative CoxaTrain relieves hip pain and relaxes the muscles carrying out the movement. It helps patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the hip, rheumatoid arthritis, or impingement syndrome to improve their mobility and delay endoprosthetic surgery for as long as possible.

Innovative multifaceted approach

For less pain and more mobility, the new CoxaTrain combines multiple treatment principles: It stabilizes the pelvis and relieves pressure on the sacroiliac joints (SI joints), which are commonly affected by pain in patients with hip indications. Three pads massage the soft tissue and help to correct muscular imbalances during movement. Two dorsal friction pads relieve pain on the lumbosacral junction. The innovative Trochanter Pad, a flexible pad on the eccentric hinge, moves up and down on the thigh when walking and targets the tendon insertions above the greater trochanter.  The nubbed Gluteal Pad on the upper buttocks exerts a transversal massage on trigger points across the muscle fibers and relieves tension in the gluteal muscles.

Convenient for technicians and patients

CoxaTrain is an orthosis that can be adjusted without tools, enabling customized care for hip patients.  The orthosis is ideal for everyday wear thanks to its lightweight design, flat shape and convenient application featuring Velcro tensioning straps, finger pockets, and loops.

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