Learn about the different forms of edema including lymphedema and lipedema, different treatment options like compression garments, and how to successfully manage symptoms and live an active and carefree life!


Compression garments for the treatment of edema

Bauerfeind’s flat knit Curaflow compression garments are custom-made and perfectly adapted to the lymphedema or lipedema of the patient’s legs, feet, arms, or hands. VenoTrain® Curaflow compression garments relieve pain and maintain a consistant pressure all with an exceptional wearing comfort!

BÖSL Lympha-mat®

Gradient intermittent compression for specific treatment of lymphatic edema

The BÖSL Lympha-mat® 300N offers an effective form of intermittent pneumatic compression therapy. Next to manual lymphatic drainage, intermittent pneumatic compression has been firmly integrated as a pillar of current decongestion therapy practises. This gradient intermittent compression mobilizes the fluid in the limb allowing it to disperse unhindered and without return flow.


Swelling can occur in various parts of the body as a result of injury, inflammation, or due to an underlying condition. Edema is swelling resulting from excess fluid being trapped in the body tissues. Most commonly edema presents as swollen legs, feet or ankles but it can also occur in your hands, your face, or any other part of the body. Unfortunately, edema can go unnoticed for some time before pain and complications appear.


Lymphedema is a type of lymphatic drainage disorder. When the lymphatic system cannot properly function, it leads to a build-up of excess fluid in the tissues, resulting in swelling, most commonly in the legs and feet.


Lipedema is a chronic fat distribution disorder that typically manifests on the legs, buttocks, and in some cases arms. Lipedema affects both sides of the body equally and occurs almost exclusively in women.

Arm lymphedema after breast cancer

More than five percent of all women experience swelling in the arms and hands after cancer surgery as a result of lymph injury.

This occurs when the lymphatic fluid cannot be transported away as usual due to damage sustained during treatment, such as surgery or radiation therapy. The fluid build up causes swelling and also increases the risk of infection.


Phlebolymphedema is a type of lymphedema that results from a failure of both the lymphatic system and the venous system.

Swelling in the lower legs and feet can be the first signs of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). This condition causes swelling as a result of fluid build-up in the body tissue. If left untreated CVI can progress and the fluid-build up can overload the lymphatic system leading to phleboedema.

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