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Back pain can have many causes. In the case of general back pain, a combination of factors is usually at play: heavy physical exertion, poor posture, muscle weakness, and injury can play a role, but so can stress and psychological strain. As there are typically multiple causes for the pain, tackling just one area might not help. Bauerfeind back therapy offers a holistic approach to back pain: It combines several established treatment measures that work together to strengthen your back and manage pain for the long term.

The five modules of Bauerfeind back therapy

Bauerfeind’s back therapy is based on a holistic approach to treating back pain. It features extensive information and tips regarding keeping a healthy back, pain management, exercises, relaxation techniques as well as the best options for back braces and orthoses.

Before starting, please consult your physician on whether you can incorporate the therapy components into your current treatment.

Back Guide

Learn more about the causes and symptoms of "specific" and "non-specific" back pain, as well as the different treatment options.

Anti-Pain Therapy

Find out more about treating back pain with medication, possible side effects, and effective pain management alternatives, like bracing, here.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise and movement play a vital role in our overall health. Learn how to keep your back strong and engaged to treat and prevent back pain.

Stress Relief

Stress can have a direct impact on back pain. Learn more about how stress affects back pain and different techniques to relieve stress and relax.

Back Care

Your back is constantly working for you. Learn tips you can implement in your daily routine to relieve your back and prevent future back pain.

Bauerfeind Back Braces And Orthoses

As you will learn in the individual modules, your back needs a lot of support when it comes to effectively treating pain. A brace or orthosis can help you to start therapy, restore mobility and reduce pain.

Which product is right for you depends on your specific indication. Explore our back product range and let your doctor or medical retailer help you with your selection.

If you need additional guidance take our Back Brace Selector Quiz below and we will recommend the best bracing option for you!

“Back Braces And Orthoses Are A Major Support Of Therapy. They Stabilize And Reduce Pain And At The Same Time Allow You To Get Back Into Motion.”

Susanne Gramatté
Orthopedist and pain therapist

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The spine is the backbone of our body (literally), and it’s important to know how to strengthen our backs and how to prevent the development of back pain. With the help of the below articles you can find out more information about the most common diagnoses of back pain, and how to manage them.

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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

The sacroiliac joint, also known as the SI joint, connects the lower spine to the pelvis. Alongside robust ligaments, the joint facilitates the transfer of power along our back and supports us to p...

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic Lower Back Pain

The lumbar region of the back is instrumental in providing stability and facilitating the transfer of power to the lower body. It allows for complex movements like bending, walking and running. Ove...

Disc Herniation

Disc Herniation

Lower back pain can arise from a variety of different causes. Most people assume that the pain is stemming from the muscles or joints in the back or that they are experiencing sciatica pain. Often,...