The New Generation of MalleoTrain Braces

The New Generation of MalleoTrain Braces

The new generation of the MalleoTrain range of braces will be built with a new innovative knit fabric and a flatter strap system.

The goal of these innovations is to improve functional treatment after dislocation and in cases of ankle instability.

The more textured high-low knitted fabric increases the contact surface of the ankle supports with the skin so that medical compression can fully exert its pain-reducing and stabilizing effect. Regeneration is also accelerated.

The instep area features a soft comfort zone. It protects this sensitive region from rubbing and ensures increased air circulation, thanks to a larger type of mesh.

The new high-low structure guarantees that the supports remain securely in position during movement. The anatomically contoured pads of the MalleoTrain and MalleoTrain Plus therefore always sit flush around the inner and outer ankle. 

While the Malleo Pads redirect compression to the tissue and prevent pressure peaks, the strap system works in a similar way to a functional tape bandage and provides additional stabilization. The strap system is now made with flatter material. This means it sits snugly around the ankle and fits better in shoes.

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