The New EpiTrain

The New EpiTrain

The EpiTrain features an innovative textured high-low knitted fabric and new Epicon+ Pads.

The EpiTrain’s compression knit now has a highly textured surface like the new GenuTrain and LumboTrain and extends further up the upper arm, right up to the muscle belly. This increases the area in contact with the skin and ensures that the support always remains securely in place, thus enhancing the support’s pain-relieving and stabilizing effect. The knitted fabric is softer and more breathable in the elbow area to increase comfort during longer periods of intense movement.

The new Epicon+ Pads feature two components, providing targeted relief for the irritated insertions of the finger flexors and extensors and intensive stimulation for the radial and ulnar muscles. Massage nubs are incorporated into a firmer element in the viscoelastic material of the pads. This element acts on the transition between muscle and tendon and the area along the muscle fibers. The flexible nubs provide selective stimuli, which improves proprioception, reduces relief postures and inappropriate mechanical stress that can cause pain, and leads to greater functional stability overall.


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