The New Generation of the GenuTrain

The New Generation of the GenuTrain

The eighth generation of the GenuTrain features a new knitted fabric, a new pad, and new stays. The new design shows how the three components of a knee brace can be systematically further developed to improve relief and comfort for patients suffering from pain.

New high-low knitted fabric with comfort zone for the hollow of the knee: The GenuTrain’s compression knit now has a more textured surface for improved adhesion, ensuring that the pain-relieving effect and proprioceptive stimulation of the stabilizing muscles are constant. The knitted fabric is softer and more breathable in the hollow of the knee to increase comfort during longer periods of intense movement.

New Omega+ Pad with flexible massage nubs: The GenuTrain’s Omega+ Pad targets sensitive areas of the knee such as the infrapatellar fat pad and the base of the meniscus in the inner and outer joint space. The viscoelastic Hoffa spots and meniscus wings now incorporate flexible massage nubs made of firmer material that selectively provide new stimuli to intensify the stimulation and maximize pain-relieving and proprioceptive effects.

New stays with flexible bending zone and donning and removal aid: The lateral stays of the GenuTrain are now made of hard-wearing plastic with a patented flexible bending zone that follows individual movement patterns to better maintain contact with the joint during movement. Practical donning and removal aids at the upper and lower ends help to put on and take off the support more easily.

The new GenuTrain is available now in standard sizes 0 to 7 and comfort sizes 3C to 7C in the colors titan, black, and nature.

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