Spinova Osteo®

Stabilization and active straightening of the spine, with free abdomen and chest area

Spinova Osteo provides passive and active stabilization for the spine, offering relief for osteoporosis patients and preventing kyphosis. Thanks to the pelvis support, long aluminum reclinator and double crossed tensioning strap system it stabilizes the thoracic spine, corrects posture and activates the back muscles. The lightweight orthosis leaves the abdomen and chest free and it is unobtrusive under clothing.

  • Straightens the spine and stabilizes the pelvis
  • Activates the back muscles
  • Individually adjustable straightening
  • Abdomen and breast area are free
  • Very lightweight and unobtrusive design



  • Rigid reclinator
  • Straightening shoulder and tensioning strap



Spinova Osteo relieves the spine, especially in patients with osteoporosis, by straightening, stabilizing and correcting the upper body posture. This reduces pain, prevents postural misalignments, improves the gait and minimizes the risk of falling.

The spinal orthosis provides passive and active stabilization. Your pelvic support made of breathable elastic mesh fastens below the abdomen and stabilizes the pelvis for improved steady walking. The long lever of the aluminum reclinator stabilizes the thoracic spine. By means of the double crossed tensioning strap system, it is pressed against the spine in a form-fitting manner, applying targeted support to straighten it. Postural misalignments are corrected with gentle pressure which encourages you to stand up straight and trains the upper back muscles. This corrects the posture and works against kyphosis. The padded crossed straps on the sides provide proprioceptive stimulation and thereby increase the feeling of stability.

Spinova Osteo is very light and features a discrete design. The abdomen and breast are free, and it is very easy to put on thanks to the Velcro fastenings. The tension of the straps can be adjusted individually by means of finger loops.

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