LumboLoc® Unload

Increased stabilization for optimal spinal posture and relief of the lumbosacral spine

The LumboLoc® Unload features integrated metal corset stays which provide effective stabilization and support an anatomically correct posture. In addition, the large, anatomical lumbosacral pad supports natural lordosis and increases wearing comfort and stabilization. An additional abdominal pad exerts greater compression and provides increased straightening of the spine. A height-adjustable functional strap allows for indication-specific pressure distribution and targeted relief.

  • Stabilization for optimal spinal posture
  • Relives the lumbosacral spine
  • Large, anatomical pad supports natural lordosis



  • Removable rigid metal stays
  • Tension straps with rigid plastic D-loops


Measure the circumference of the torso

872db012-f892-4e63-9346-83c9c43c3aaf-image 872db012-f892-4e63-9346-83c9c43c3aaf-image
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If the biggest size available is too small,

the extension panel allows to extend the maximum circumference

of the back brace by around 10 centimeters.


Thanks to its anatomical fit and breathable train knit, the LumboLoc Forte® Unload sits comfortably on the body. Practical finger pockets and the LPT (Low Power Tension) strap system make it easy to wear so that the brace can be fitted correctly and adjusted without any difficulty.

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