SofTec Coxa Hip Brace

Increased stabilization and guidance of the hip joint

The multi-functional orthosis SofTec® Coxa stabilizes the hip joint, for example after total hip replacement or femoral-head resection. It prevents dislocation of the hip joint by restricting its radius of movement with a special monocentric joint. SofTec Coxa can also be adjusted on a supine patient. The multi-functional orthosis can be used on the left or right-hand side or on both sides.

  • Special joint with just one pivot for abduction/adduction (extending the leg in-wards/outwards) and extension/flexion (extending the leg forwards/backwards
  • Secure fit due to the stable positioning of the pelvic frame on the iliac crests
  • Can be used on the left or right-hand side or on both sides



      The orthosis creates relief and thus helps to maintain mobility. Whether it be a hip dislocation, an artificial hip, or the painful wear and tear caused by osteoarthritis; with any acute or chronic pain your hip will be grateful for professional support!


      The orthosis can be worn comfortably under clothing and offers controlled mobility. With the special joint developed by Bauerfeind, all directions of movement of the hip can be individually adjusted - depending on requirements. The pivot point of the orthosis can be positioned so precisely that the femoral head is securely fixed in the joint socket. The SofTec Coxa effectively protects against movements that can lead to dislocation of the hips.

      The pelvic frame is individually adapted to the body size and sits comfortably on the pelvis. It is embedded in a skin-friendly knitted fabric that you can easily close with Velcro. The thigh knit with its practical Velcro straps can be put on yourself without much effort. The SofTec Coxa relieves pain and offers the necessary protection so that the hip can become mobile again quicker!

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