Home Workout: Catch & Release Wrist Throws

Home Workout: Catch & Release Wrist Throws

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Strengthen The Muscles Of The Hand, Wrist And Forearm.

Managing swelling and pain is an important first step in the recovery from this injury. The support and compression provided by the EpiTrain Elbow Support from Bauerfeind can help. Pain and instability may make exercise a challenge. The support and compression provided by Bauerfeind’s EpiTrain Elbow Support can help to ease shoulder pain and improve exercise performance.



Catch Release Wrist Throws:

  1. For this exercise you’ll need a commercially available sand weight. If you don’t already have one, you can create your own home using a sealable plastic bag filled with an appropriate weight of sand, dried beans or rice.
  2. Begin the exercise in the standing position, then bend forward at the waist. Protect your back by supporting the weight of your upper body with the arm not being exercised.
  3. From this position, simply release the bag from your hand and quickly grasp it before it falls to the ground. Relax and repeat as instructed by your physical therapist or trainer.


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