Injury Hub

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Diagnosis & Therapy

Knee Therapy

Knee pain, ligament injuries, knee osteoarthritis and more - knee pain can have many causes.

Ankle & Foot Therapy

Learn about typical ankle injuries such as supination trauma or ligament stretching at the ankle.

Back & Spine Therapy

Information about back pain, lumbago, herniated disc, hollow back, back tension or SI joint problems.

Elbow Therapy

Learn about typical elbow complaints such as tennis elbow, golfer's elbow or tendon irritation.

Hand & Wrist Therapy

Learn about the various form of hand and wrist injuries, mouse hand, carpenter tunnel and more.

Heal Therapy

Many people suffer from heel pain. Ignoring it will only make the discomfort worse in the long run.

Arthritis & Arthrosis

Learn about the different causes and treatments of osteoarthritis depending on the joint.


Learn about osteoporosis, widow's hump, spinal fracture and the right therapy to treat them.


Diabetes can affect both young and old. Learn more about the forms and consequences of diabetes.

Healthy Legs

Learn about how VenoTrain compression stockings can improve overall leg health.

Vein Disorders

Venous disease has long ceased to be an issue that only affects the older generation.


Learn about the various forms of edema and sensitize yourself to the topic.