Moderate to Severe Compression


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VenoTrain SoftVenoTrain Soft
If you want to do your legs a favor, treat yourself to a regular massage – with VenoTrain® soft. The... Sale price$0.00
VenoTrain soft SVenoTrain soft S
After an accident or in the case of serious illness or age-related problems, a person's mobility can be drastically reduced.... Sale price$0.00
VenoTrain soft (arm sleeve)VenoTrain soft (arm sleeve)
Lymphatic edema disorders cannot be cured, however, with the right therapy, they can be largely reversed. An important part of... Sale price$0.00
VenoTrain impulsVenoTrain impuls
Deep action plus comfort: Thanks to its innovative, seamless knit construction and its high microfiber content of over 40 percent,... Sale price$0.00
VenoTrain ulcertecVenoTrain ulcertec
Venous ulcers are the most severe type of chronic vein problem. VenoTrain® ulcertec has been developed to provide a successful... Sale price$0.00

Stockings With Moderate To Severe Compression

Compression therapy for veins and edema. Compression garments are an important part of therapy for venous disease. Venous disorders are chronic, incurable diseases. But with strong compression you can alleviate your symptoms and have a positive influence on the further course of the disease : whether spider veins, varicose veins, varicose veins with edema or functional insufficiency - with our VenoTrain® portfolio your veins receive the support they need.