Whether at work, during activity or with everyday use - foot pain can often stand in the way of an active lifestyle. The reason for the pain is typically a combination of misalignments such as buckles, arches, arches or splayfoot . Orthopedic insoles are used for such foot problems. These not only offer individual support, but offer more stability and soothing cushioning. 


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ErgoPad Redux HeelErgoPad Redux Heel
ErgoPad Redux Heel provides rapid relief from heel pain. A recess in the heel relieves the painful and pressure-sensitive area while... Sale price$0.00
A dark grey foot insole. It is considered one of Bauerfeind Australia's best recovery foot insoles, Ergopad Redux Heel 2.ErgoPad Redux Heel 2
The flexible foot orthosis ErgoPad redux heel 2 reduces acute heel pain and combats the causes of pain. The intelligently... Sale price$149.95
ErgoPad Redux Hallux
The ErgoPad redux hallux orthopedic orthosis primarily aids the conservative treatment of hallux limitus and hallux rigidus – the restriction... Sale price$0.00
GloboTec ComfortGloboTec Comfort
The GloboTec Comfort foot orthoses are ideal for people who have never worn orthopedic orthosis before. They support flattened or... Sale price$0.00
ErgoPad WorkErgoPad Work
Arches and splayfoot, arched foot or slightly arched foot: Those who have to stand for long periods of time, walk... Sale price$0.00
ErgoPad Sensitive
Ergo Pad Sensitive - For the effective treatment of sensitive feet and feet sensitive to pressure. For the prevention of... Sale price$0.00
GloboTec Junior
Timely measures are important in the case of arched feet in order to avoid consequential damage. The GloboTec Junior insole supports and... Sale price$0.00
GloboTec Patricia
GloboTec Patricia - For supporting flattened or slightly raised foot arches. Suitable for people with a normal body weight. Suitable... Sale price$0.00
GloboTec Starflex
GloboTec Starflex - Stable support for flattened foot arches. Suitable for average as well as higher body weights. Stable injection-molded orthotic core... Sale price$0.00