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Compression Sock PerformanceCompression Sock Performance
The Compression Sock Performance stocking is specially designed to meet the needs of active individuals. The noticeable compression it exerts improves... Sale price$135.00
Compression Sock TrainingCompression Sock Training
The Compression Sock Training sports stocking has special functional zones with light compression to provide protection in stop-and-go sports. These... Sale price$135.00
VenoTrain BusinessVenoTrain Business
The ideal companion at work – all day every day. Sitting or standing for prolonged periods can lead to heavy,... Sale price$119.95
VenoTrain MicroVenoTrain Micro
The most popular compression stocking with the highest level of customer satisfaction is the VenoTrain® micro. Made with 50% microfiber,... Sale price$265.00
VenoTrain SoftVenoTrain Soft
If you want to do your legs a favor, treat yourself to a regular massage – with VenoTrain® soft. The... Sale price$0.00