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Compression Sock TrainingCompression Sock Training
The Compression Sock Training sports stocking has special functional zones with light compression to provide protection in stop-and-go sports. These... Sale price$135.00
Compression Sock PerformanceCompression Sock Performance
The Compression Sock Performance stocking is specially designed to meet the needs of active individuals. The noticeable compression it exerts improves... Sale price$135.00
Compression Sock MerinoCompression Sock Merino
Featuring a high content of Merino Wool, the Compression Sock Merino was developed for every-day wear. The medical compression stocking... Sale price$0.00
VenoTrain discrétionVenoTrain discrétion
With its fine, almost sheer knit profile, the VenoTrain® discrétion compression stocking discreetly stimulates blood circulation in your legs. By... Sale price$0.00

Legs Are Kept Feeling Light & Active

When traveling, at work or during activity - our VenoTrain® Light compression support and stockings ensure legs are kept feeling light and active. Since quality is our top priority, only the highest quality textile fibers are in contact with your skin. 

Bauerfeind compression stockings are comfortable to wear and beneficial for your legs - regardless of the situation you can always find the best stocking to suit your needs.