SAM PEDLOW: Professional Beach Volleyball Player

SAM PEDLOW: Professional Beach Volleyball Player

Olympic Confidence

Getting to the top with the help of Train bracing

Sam Pedlow, a professional beach volleyball player from Canada, is inspiring others to reach their full potential with his confidence, determination, and hard work. To ensure he performs at his highest level,  the professional athlete and trained physical therapist relies on injury prevention and fast recovery.

Sam Pedlow had not originally planned to become a professional beach volleyball player. As a young adult, he played volleyball competitively but was focused on completing a master’s degree from the University of Western Ontario to pursue a career as a physical therapist. After some time working as a physical therapist, Sam decided that his passion for volleyball deserved a second chance and he committed fully to the sport. As he explains: “I realized I maybe had the potential to take this sport beyond what I was previously achieving. I gave it a shot, [and] eventually went all in…” And successfully so: Sam has now been competing professionally for his home country for more than ten years and is currently training to represent Canada at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

A Personal Discovery

As a practicing athletic therapist, Sam Pedlow discovered Bauerfeind’s Train line of products. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from his patients, Sam worked with Bauerfeind products more consistently, and relied on them for his own athletic therapy. Sam enthusiastically recognizes the positive effects of Bauerfeind’s bracing, not only as a physical therapist, but as an elite athlete as well. That is why, since 2015, the GenuTrain knee brace accompanies Sam whenever he steps onto the sand. “The reason I choose Bauerfeind is their commitment to quality and performance…. I trust Bauerfeind to do what it is expected to do. I trust them that on match point in the World Championships I’m going to be able to perform at my top level.”


Daily Use

Sam Pedlow knows the importance of injury prevention and fast recovery after years of playing the sport professionally, with its load of physical strain. The GenuTrain and GenuTrain P3 are staple products for Pedlow, whether during training or in a game to alleviate his multiple knee injuries.

Along with Bauerfeind’s bracing Sam includes Bauerfeind’s Performance and Training medical compression socks into his routine for better recovery and circulation after training or on a long-haul flight “…with Bauerfeind at my side I’ve noticed that I’ve bounced back quicker and I’m able to continue to perform at that peak level.”


Personal Info

Sam Pedlow, professional beach volleyball player from Canada, was born in 1987 in Barrie Ontario. At a height of 6’5”, he seemed predestined to be a blocker. Together with his teammate Sam Schachter, he is currently training to represent Canada in Men’s Pair Beach volleyball at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

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