The New ManuTrain

The New ManuTrain

The new ManuTrain: optimized for pain relief

Its high-low knitted fabric with an oval thumb opening provides additional comfort during everyday activities. The adjustable strap system replaces the plastic stay and allows three activity levels for secure mobilization.

The strap system provides reliable, individual stabilization: it consists of a semi-elastic stabilizing strap and an elastic fascia strap which are wound around the hand and tightened. Together, they limit movement in palmar flexion if the pain is severe. As soon as the pain subsides, the stabilizing strap is removed to allow additional activity, and the fascia strap is wound around the wrist. The highest level of activity with unrestricted mobility is achieved without the strap system.

The ManuTrain fits precisely and remains securely in position, thanks to the highly textured surface of the knitted fabric. The new anatomically contoured thumb opening ensures the product is comfortable to wear.

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