Curaflow in full colour

Curaflow in full colour

Compression doesn't have to be boring! Live life in color with VenoTrain® Curaflow!

Introducing the new colors available for VenoTrain® Curaflow

With Curaflow, self-confidence is always in style!

Fresh, vibrant and varied, these new color options pair perfectly with any style this season. With Curaflow, self-confidence is always in style!

Flashy in love with Flashy Papaya!

The exotic shade of orange exudes charisma, sociability and positivity, prompting sunny thoughts.

Wild in love with Wild Berry!

The purple hue is reminiscent of wild berries glistening in the sun. The inspiring Wild Berry accompanies you in a powerful look.

Deep in love with Deep Petrol!

The elegant shade of blue-green inspires confidence and strength. Feel deeply extraordinary in Deep Petrol!

Intense in love with espresso!

As powerful as a strong coffee! The dark brown tone ensures down to earth and energetic vibes.

Rich in love with Rich Olive!

The color composition of the olive tone represents balance and balance. This color can help you feel balanced within yourself!

VenoTrain Curaflow is available in all colors in four compression classes:

  • Leg Ccl 1 to Ccl 4
  • Arm Ccl 1–3

Please note that the colours Bordeaux, Coral, and Ocean will be removed from the portfolio and no longer be available as of June 1st 2023.

Bauerfeind’s flat-knit Curaflow garments are custom-made and perfectly adapted to the lymphedema or lipedema of the patient’s legs, arms, or hands. VenoTrain Curaflow relieves tension pain and noticeably relieves the strain - all this with significantly more comfort that you will love.

Discover VenoTrain® Curaflow Here!

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