Mar 12, 2015

Size 6 for strong ankles

AchilloTrain and AchilloTrain Pro

Another size is being added to the standard size system for the AchilloTrain and AchilloTrain Pro ankle supports. The new size 6 is suitable for patients with wider ankle circumferences, from 27 to 29 centimeters. This particularly includes people with a larger stature and athletes with pronounced muscles.


Mar 12, 2015

From delicate, powdery pastels to vibrant, strong shades

VenoTrain micro fashion colors

Particularly fashion-conscious women love variety and playing with color. The VenoTrain micro 2015 fashion color collection therefore has four new trendy colors in store once again. “Powder” covers the leg as delicately as its namesake and goes with every style. “Azure,” a soft sky blue, adds a touch of light freshness to your look. “Royal” shines with a vibrant blue and “Burgundy,” a deep red, elegantly emphasizes your legs.


The new Compression Sock Performance sports stocking is  available in white, black and Rivera.

Jul 2, 2014

Sports stocking for endurance sports

Compression Sock Performance

From July, Bauerfeind will be offering a sport stocking specially designed for endurance sports: the Compression Sock Performance. The noticeable compression it exerts over a large surface area improves circulation and reduces tiring muscle vibrations. This revitalizes legs more quickly and helps them to keep fit for longer.


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