The new Compression Sock Performance sports stocking is  available in white, black and Rivera.

Jul 2, 2014

Sports stocking for endurance sports

Compression Sock Performance

From July, Bauerfeind will be offering a sport stocking specially designed for endurance sports: the Compression Sock Performance. The noticeable compression it exerts over a large surface area improves circulation and reduces tiring muscle vibrations. This revitalizes legs more quickly and helps them to keep fit for longer.


Apr 3, 2014

Spinova lumbar orthoses win the 2014 iF product design award

Spinova, the platform for conservative and post-operative back therapy that can be dismantled in stages, has been awarded the 2014 iF product design award in the "Product" category. The judging panel selected a total of 75 winners, including Bauerfeind's Spinova orthoses, out of 4,615 international entries.


Start the season in style: the new Tango striped pattern in navy blue.

Feb 25, 2014

VenoTrain micro Design Edition

New stripe and cable knit pattern

As well as the new fashion colors, the new design edition is also bringing added zest to the VenoTrain micro color range. The "Jazz" and "Swing" patterns are being replaced by the fashionable double stripes of the "Tango" design and a popular stripe and cable knit pattern in the "Jive" design.


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