VenoTrain® Curaflow Strong

Strong compression stocking for targeted therapy for very soft or very hard edema on the leg

Lymphedema, lipedema or lipolymphedema - deposits can be uncomfortable, painful and cause pronounced visual connective tissue characteristics such as an irregular surface or deep tissue folds. VenoTrain® Curaflow Strong offers a more powerful edema treatment thanks to a strong knit with reliable stiffness. The VenoTrain® Curaflow Strong lies smoothly and comfortably over uneven skin and does not bend under the pressure of the edema.

Curaflow Compression garments help to relieve pain, support the removal of fluid and counteract further deposits and hardening. With numerous special options, it can be customized for your individual needs. It is easy to care for, easy to put on and is extremely comfortable to wear.


  • Available in Medical Ccl 2, Ccl 3
  • Reliable stiffness ensures extra-strong edema treatment
  • Suitable for bridging large differences in circumference
  • High working pressure for optimal compression 


 Custom­-made solutions to suit individual requirements

Live Life in Full Colour

In addition to functionality and wearing comfort, VebnoTrain® Curaflow is available in a wide variety of colours so that you feel as comfortable and confident as possible in your compression!

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Maximum Comfort. Maximum Joy.

VenoTrain® Curaflow garments provides noticeable relief and compression for the body regions affected by lymphoedema, lipoedema or lipolymphoedema. The garments relieves tension pain, supports optimal lymph transport through the intelligent longitudinal structure and counteract further edema deposits. Supple skin-friendly microfibers make it easier to put on and take off, the breathable, stretch fabric increases wearing comfort, and the extra-soft comfort zones offer you carefree mobility to enjoy life to the fullest.

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