Active straightening and support of the spine

DorsoTrain is a light, comfortable bodysuit that helps you to counteract the development of a hunched back at an early stage using your own strength: In the event of poor posture, inelastic zones and incorporated functional elements subconsciously remind your body to correct your posture independently. DorsoTrain hugs the body perfectly and offers maximum freedom of movement.

  • Supports an upright posture on its own
  • Offers a lot of freedom of movement
  • To be worn inconspicuously under clothing



      Weakened back muscles or age-related changes in the spine such as osteoporosis make it increasingly difficult to stay straight. The DorsoTrain back brace helps people improve their posture through their own movement.

      The light bodysuit with integrated functional elements straightens the spine just enough that it subconsciously reminds your body to correct its posture independently. In this way, the DorsoTrain back brace helps you to counteract the development of a hunched back at an early stage on your own.


      On the back, on the shoulders and on the pelvis, fixed, inelastic zones create resistance in the event of poor posture, which cues your body to maintain an upright posture. A long plastic splint in the back area enhances this effect. The stabilizing effect can be regulated by pulling straps at waist height.

      A long zipper on the front of the suit makes it possible to put on the body like a vest. The crotch area is then closed with a high, easy-to-reach button. The DorsoTrain hugs the body perfectly and is not bulky under clothing. With its breathable material, the body is extremely comfortable to wear and offers a high freedom of movement. 

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