SofTec Dorso can now be shaped without heat

Change of material to aluminum

Adjusting the SofTec Dorso back orthosis to fit the patient no longer requires a hot air gun. From mid-May, the straightening reclinator for the orthosis and the stabilizing cross that can be mounted onto it are being made from aluminum and can be shaped without heat.

The orthotist can thus check the fit more easily when adjusting it to the patent and correct it accordingly. Therefore, any subsequent modification is also significantly easier during the first check-up or later during treatment.

The SofTec Dorso stabilizes the spine after spinal fractures, in cases of osteoporosis, and post-operatively following spondylodeses. Its reclinator straightens the upper body together with the tensioning strap system over the shoulders and prevents rotational movements using a strengthening stabilizing cross in the lumbar area.