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Post-operative protective function of SecuTec Genu confirmed

Case series about hard frame orthosis with 72 patients suffering from knee conditions

The SecuTec Genu provides reliable stability and gives the patient a strong sense of protection following knee surgery. This has been confirmed by the physician, the orthotist and 72 patients that took part in a case series conducted by Dr. med. Hendrik Baum, Deputy Head of the Department for Trauma Surgery at Altenburger Land Hospital.

The hard frame orthosis was supplied to the patients by the medical supply retailer Altenburg GmbH. Most patients were treated following cruciate ligament surgery, but some patients also received treatment following surgery to the soft tissues and bony parts of the knee joint.

In his role as treating physician, Dr. Baum was very pleased with the orthosis’ stabilizing effect in 93 percent of treatment cases. The orthotist in charge considered the individual adaptability of the SecuTec Genu to be good or very good in 87.5 percent of cases. Furthermore, 98.6 percent of patients confirmed at the time of their follow-up examination that the orthosis provides a strong sense of protection compared to the initial examination.

The digital whitepaper with the results of the case series is available in English and German via medical.affairs@bauerfeind.com.