LumboTrain Study published

Scientific article on the muscle-activating effect of the lumbar support

Two randomized, controlled studies investigated the effects of the LumboTrain on the trunk muscles during walking and under static loading. In both studies, study director, PD Dr. med. Christoph Anders from Jena University Hospital, measured an increase in muscle activity and was thus able to refute the notion that wearing a support can cause muscular atrophy. The first study on healthy test subjects has now been published in the open-access journal Biomechanics Open Library under the title Effects of an abdominal belt on trunk muscle activity during treadmill walking.

Bauerfeind is providing a summary of selected results for each of the two LumboTrain studies. The white paper can be ordered free of charge by calling the Bauerfeind supports and orthoses customer service team on +49 (0)800-0 01 05 20 or by e-mailing Those interested will find a report into the first study with only healthy participants, an interview with study director Dr. Anders, and a piece on the second study with patients suffering from back pain in the Bauerfeind life specialist magazine.