Easy and secure donning, thanks to the improved strap system

The SacroLoc pelvic orthosis with new belt loops

Donning of the SacroLoc will be even easier and wearing it more comfortable because now this orthosis is equipped with loops for the tensioning straps around the pelvis. Thanks to the new strap system, the flat lattice straps lie evenly and are fastened with a non-slip effect – the patient can therefore grip them more quickly and easily.

Circular compression for stabilizing the pelvis and relieving the sacroiliac joints (SI joint) is safely created and guarantees the pain-alleviating effect of the orthosis. On the inside, too, the belts are fastened with loops to keep the dorsal pads in a secure position. When fastened, the belts direct the pads toward the SI joints in order to provide a targeted massage for trigger points and the insertions of the stabilizing ligaments and muscles during movement. In this way, the pain-relieving effect of the SacroLoc is increased for patients with SI joint syndrome.

The revised version of the pelvic orthosis will be gradually introduced to the market from now on.