Business is getting an upgrade

VenoTrain business

As of July 2018 we are pleased to announce that the VenoTrain Business collection is getting an upgrade! 

The collection is getting a new refreshed color concept and new foot length designations!

The colors of Caramel and Anthracite are the new colors in the VenoTrain business color range, Navy and Black are updated and appear in a fresh new look and Terra, White and Graphite are no longer available. 

With the new and updated colors we follow the 4 standard colors Caramel, Anthracite, Black and Navy from VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain look in order to build a consistent color concept.

When ordering the compression stocking VenoTrain business in the future, please note that foot length designations have also been changed: the former designations “men” and “women” have been replaced by “foot long” and “foot short.” VenoTrain business is a sophisticated knee-high stocking that can be worn by both men and women. The special material mix of cotton and Timbrelle® high-tech fibers offers first-class wearing comfort with thermal regulation. The VenoTrain business provides leg support in compression classes 1 and 2.