A sea of possibilities

The new 2019 fashion colors

Bauerfeind’s new Fashion Colors have been inspired by nature and are reminiscent of the depths of the sea: “Coral” is a radiant coral red and “Ocean” an intense turquoise blue. Both shades have been available for the VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft compression stockings since February.

Based on a seasonal trend forecast, the Pantone Color Institute recently declared coral red the trend color for 2019. That means that we will see this shade, for example, in advertising, on packaging, and particularly in fashion this year – and now also as an exciting version on the legs of vein patients, who can choose Bauerfeind’s VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft compression stockings in the current Fashion Color “Coral”. The intense coral red is an amazing contrast to shades of black, gray, dark green and blue. To go with the red coral, the second Fashion Color “Ocean” reminds us of a blue lagoon’s sea water. The warm blue can be combined in many ways and can complement an elegant business look, marine style, or a casual jeans outfit.

The VenoTrain micro is available with double-stripe or striped cable-knit patterns, as well as with a navy blue or black tie-dye effect in both our standard colors and Fashion Colors. With a microfiber content of more than 50 percent, the VenoTrain micro is particularly soft and skin-friendly. The opaque VenoTrain soft compression stocking is specially designed to gently massage your skin. The durable knitted fabric is comfortably soft and hard-wearing at the same time.