New Seam, Smooth Edging

Ultrasound technology will be used on the edges of the three layers of material in the ManuLoc hand orthoses in the... Read more

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[Translate to en_CA:] VenoTrain Fashion Colors 2018

The 2018 fashion colors: bordeaux and...

Two new fashion colors: from February 2018, the VenoTrain micro by Bauerfeind will be available in the trendy colors... Read more

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Slim fit orthoses for the ankle joint

As of now, two new orthoses, MalleoLoc L and MalleoLoc L3, will complement the treatment range for functional... Read more

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[Translate to en_CA:] LumboTrain Study published

LumboTrain Study published

Two randomized, controlled studies investigated the effects of the LumboTrain on the trunk muscles during walking and... Read more

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Jumper’s knee study published online

In a comparative cross-sectional study on patellar tendinopathy, also known as jumper’s knee or patellar tip syndrome,... Read more

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Now with removable strap

The EpiTrain elbow support is now available with a removable strap for increasing its pain-relieving effect as required.... Read more

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