SecuTec® Lumbo Product

SecuTec® Lumbo

Functional orthosis for the reduction of lordosis.

SecuTec Lumbo is suitable for reducing lordosis ("hollow back"), for example after back operations. It acts upon the spine via a sturdy yet thin carbon-fiber frame in an anatomical knit. The degree of stabilization can be adjusted in line with the progress of treatment, with the orthosis being stripped down accordingly.

  • Fitted easily without the need for any great effort
  • Effective post-operative stabilization
  • Flat, light and comfortable

Lower back control

If gradual mobilization after back surgery is to be effective, the correct balance between stability and activation must be maintained at all times. The bridging frame in SecuTec Lumbo stabilizes the surgical outcome immediately after the intervention. Even rotational movements of the hips can be restricted. In the mobilization phase, the frame can be removed so that the movement-restricting stabilization is reduced, leaving only the supporting effect upon the spine.

Safety and comfort

SecuTec Lumbo is individually adapted to the body shape and treatment stage using a low-power LPT (Low Power Tension) tensioning strap system with practical finger pockets, the anatomical, individually shaped frame and a continuously adjustable fastening on the abdomen. The optimal fit and breathable material guarantee that the orthosis fits perfectly and comfortably at all times.

Product range

Size Body circumference in cm Order number
Order number
1  70 - 80  12184601081001  12184601082001
2  80 - 90  12184601081002  12184601082002
3  90 - 100  12184601081003  12184601082003
4  100 - 110  12184601081004  12184601082004
5  110 - 120  12184601081005  12184601082005
6  120 - 130  12184601081006  12184601082006

The product is made of a knitted material and a bridging frame. Bridging frame:
short = <170 cm, long = > 170 cm




  • Postoperative flattening of lordosis (e.g. after intervertebral disk surgery)
  • Facet syndrome
  • Lumbar spinal canal stenoses
  • Symptomatic stenoses in the intervertebral foramina

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