Quick and easy spine analysis.

The easy and convenient measuring system is a quick and simple way of measuring spine statics. The computer-aided SpinalMouse® determines the mobility and position of all vertebral segments. Mobility deficits, the progress of scoliosis and the influence of back supports can thus be quickly recognized and displayed (this product is not licensed for sale in Canada at this time).

  • Measures spine statics using a quick, easy, non-contact method
  • Precise, graphic representation of spinal misalignments, mobility deficits and the progress of scoliosis.
  • Radiation-free, the perfect risk-free complement to X-rays


The SpinalMouse® is a so-called position-sensitive computer mouse. That means: when it is guided along the back it scans the spine, recognizing bony structures and spinal misalignments. The measurement takes place on two levels – along the spine (sagittal) and at both sides of the spine (frontal)


The SpinalMouse® is used in preliminary examinations and for checking the success of back treatment. It offers a radiation-free and thus risk-free complement to x-rays. The measurement results are prepared graphically and are thus easy to verify. 

Custom-made products from medical retailers

Every back is different! Your back changes throughout your life and so does its functionality and capabilities. The SpinalMouse® enables the individual back health to be accurately analyzed and represented. This allows back problems to be detected at an early stage and monitored on an ongoing basis. Your medical supply retailer will advise you!

Features and benefits

  • Innovative, computer-aided measuring system
  • The shape of the back is determined in the sagittal and frontal planes
  • User- and patient-friendly, compact and convenient
  • Radiation-free, the perfect risk-free complement to X-rays
  • Various methods for evaluating the results are right at hand
  • Clear graphic display of measured values and comparison tables
  • Integrated documentation of patient and measurement data
  • Ongoing documentation allows the progress of the treatment to be monitored
  • Automatic derivation of back training programs


Have your back health checked regularly to enable you to identify potential dysfunctions in good time and to have them treated.

You can find information here about how to keep your back in top condition.