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Precision measurements, optimum care.

Image 3D video, the innovative measurement system, provides precise, three-dimensional measurements of the legs to allow for accurate fitting of compression stockings and effective monitoring of treatment progress. Image 3D video enables the best possible care to be offered and is a state-of-the-art response to the demand for high-quality treatment using compression stockings (this product is not licensed for sale in Canada at this time).

  • Patented measurement system allows for quick and precise measurement of the legs
  • Guarantees accurate fitting of VenoTrain® compression stockings which is critical for wearing comfort and the overall success of the therapy. 
  • Allows for easy and precise monitoring of treatment progress. 


Image 3D video measures the legs digitally and generates highly accurate circumference measurments. Measurement stockings with a grid pattern are used to allow for non-contact measurement. With the data it obtains, Image 3D video creates a three-dimensional model of the legs which can be jointly evaluated on screen. 

The best possible fit is guaranteed

Based on the anatomical data, the most appropriate VenoTrain® size is determined. Image 3D video allows for a much better fit compared with conventional manual fitting techniques. This guarantees that optimum compression therapy treatment results. 

Features and benefits

  • Digital, user-friendly, patented measurement system
  • Rapid, non-contact measurement of the legs
  • Static measurement procedure
  • Elimination of human error when reading and transferring results
  • Precise reproducibility of leg measurements
  • Efficient online ordering and order processing
  • Ongoing documentation of the volume data allows the progress of the treatment to be monitored 


  • Facilitates accurate fitting and dispensing of compression stockings
  • Basis for successful compression therapy treatment
  • Lower extremity volume measurement and treatment monitoring

The health of your legs and feet is important and vital for your overall well being. Have a health care professional make appropriate assessments on a regular basis.

When choosing your compression stockings, ensure that they have the best possible fit. Your compression stockings should feel comfortable, so that you can wear them all the time and help to ensure the success of your treatment.

VenoTrain® compression stockings are available in a number of contemporary designs and colors to fit to the overall life style for men and women.