Bodytronic 300 uses a unique scanning technique to accurately measure the individual shape of your lower leg and feet and generates a digital 3D model. At the same time, static foot pressure is detected with an integral pressure plate. The medical retailer can use the measurement results for the production of orthoses and custom-made shoes, the supply of compression knee stockings and the selection of sports, comfort and diabetic shoes.

  • Automatic video imaging of both feet one after the other
  • 3D model calculation
  • Measurement of the static pressure under the foot
  • On-screen display of the plantar pressure image under the foot is possible 
  • 3D fading of different shoe types over the digital model of the foot
  • Best fit analysis with different shoe types
  • Integral and simple gait analysis
  • Display of live foot images
  • Storage of the 3D data for further CAD processing and individual production of custom-made shoes


Bodytronic 300 measures the lower leg and feet digitally and with absolute precision. Measurement stockings with a grid pattern are used to allow for non-contact measurement. With the data it obtains, Bodytronic 300 creates a three-dimensional model of the foot, which can be evaluated on screen. Orthoses, shoes and compression knee stockings can be individually matched to the load pattern and anatomy.


Bauerfeind quality partners can integrate the system into the Bauerfeind Merchandising System. The system allows specialist sports and equipment retailers to offer their customers a special service and added value. Working together with a specialist orthopedic retailer, you can use the shop-in-shop version. Bodytronic 300 is also available in transportable form as Bodytronic Case, so that it can be used on a temporary basis in clinics or at events of different kinds.

Custom-made products from medical retailers

Every leg and every foot is individual. Over a lifetime, anatomical misalignments of the feet can become more pronounced and lead to secondary effects. Bodytronic 300 enables the individual situation of the foot and leg to be precisely analyzed and accurately represented. This forms the basis for providing medical compression stockings, orthoses and custom-made shoes with the best possible fit and treatment which is appropriate for the indication concerned. Your medical retailer will advise you!

Special features

  • Computerized, user-friendly measurement system 
  • Non-contact measurement 
  • Quick and comfortable measurement process 
  • Compatible with all modeling and shoe manufacturing processes 
  • Complete and paper-free documentation 
  • Online ordering service for Bauerfeind products 
  • Can be expanded to include simple gait analysis


  • Basis for the production of custom-made shoes, orthoses and compression knee stockings 
  • Reliable selection of medical aids from the comprehensive Bauerfeind range


Have the state of your legs and feet checked regularly to enable you to identify potential dysfunctions at an early stage and to have them treated. When choosing your compression stockings, ensure that they have the best possible fit. Your compression stockings should feel comfortable, so that you can wear them all the time and help to ensure the success of your treatment.

When selecting your foot orthosis, think about when you want to use it. The type of foot orthosis depends on the footwear being worn. The shoe and the foot orthosis must be coordinated with one another.