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Compression therapy for a better quality of life

VenoTrain curaflow

Impaired drainage in the lymphatic system may cause swelling and edema, which puts pressure on the tissue and can cause inflammation and damage to the skin. Manual lymph drainage (MLD) and compression therapy help decongesting the tissue and prevent conditions such as lymphedema and lipedema from progressing further. The custom-made flat knit VenoTrain curaflow range of products is designed to optimally fit the individual shape of each patient's legs, arms, hands or chest (thorax). The garments provide the appropriate compression that is required and offer patients unique benefits in terms of wearing comfort which is especially important in long-term therapy.

  • Very soft, breathable material with a high microfiber content
  • Uniquely designed comfort zones
  • Extra soft behind the knee
  • Seamless chest area

Effective down to the last detail

VenoTrain curaflow - ThoraxThe fine double-stretch knit of VenoTrain curaflow garments exerts a consistent level of working pressure during movement. This pressure is essential for the therapy to be effective, as constant compression of the tissue improves the transportation of the lymphatic fluid. Valves in the vessels close more effectively, swelling and edema is distributed over a larger area, less fluid penetrates the tissue and less fluid is left behind in the tissue too. The longitudinal structure on the inside of the garment forms transportation channels to promote optimum lymph drainage, thus aiding the therapeutic effect.

Individual care

No two bodies are the same and changes in the lymphatic system can have very different effects on a person's body shape. Individual, made-to-measure garments are therefore preferred for best possible therapy. VenoTrain curaflow garments are custom-made for each individual. They are available in a variety of special shapes for the legs, arms/hands and even the thorax. The range covers four compression classes, three colors and guarantees the optimal degree of working pressure for the treatment of Lymphedema and Lipedema.

VenoTrain curaflow - LegMaximum comfort

The patient-friendly design of the VenoTrain curaflow garments helps users to put their recommended therapy into practice by wearing them routinely. The latex-free elastic double-stretch knit is easy to put on and take off. A uniquely soft surface and excellent breathability is provided through a high microfiber content. Flat, sensitive stitching prevents wrinkling and the development of pressure points. The sensitive chest area is completely seamless. All leg products feature an extra-soft area behind the knee for problem-free mobility in everyday life.

Special comfort zones take into account the patient's individual anatomy. For example, the laterally inclined edging on the knee-high and thigh-high stockings prevent the leg tissue from bulging over the top. Stockings with a pronounced heel area for extra foot comfort are designed for people who spend the majority of their time sitting.

Quality from your Lymphedema specialist

VenoTrain curaflow and other high-quality Bauerfeind products are available from select medical specialists and medical retailers. Here, trained staff will advise you, take precise measurements and ensure that your compression garments fit comfortably and accurately.



VenoTrain curaflow - colors

VenoTrain curaflow - Care Areas

An overview of examples of the possible special shapes available for compression products for lymphedema on the leg, arm/hand and thorax can be found on pages 8 and 9 of the VenoTrain curaflow product catalog.

VenoTrain curaflow - Comfort zones

Comfort zones

Please click on the image for an overview of the comfort zones of VenoTrain curaflow.


  • Lymphedema/lipedema, mild
  • Lymphedema/lipedema, moderate
  • Lymphedema/lipedema, severe
  • Pronounced lymphedema
  • Pronounced lipedema
  • Combined lipedema/lymphedema
  • Lymphedema with "all treatment exhausted"
VenoTrain curaflow - Compression classes

Compression classes and indications

Please click on the image for an overview of compression classes and indications.

Lymphedema affects people for life. You can play a decisive role in securing a better quality of life by routinely wearing customized compression garments. In addition, performing exercise programs developed with your therapist and following a few simple rules in your everyday life, will help managing the condition in an optimum way. In our therapy guidelines you will find some helpful everyday tips and all the important information about the symptoms of lymphatic conditions and Complex Physical Decongestion therapy (CPD).

Aids for taking off and putting on medical compression stockings

VenoTrain® glider is the practical aid for putting on and taking off your medical compression garments, helping you to fit them in the correct position with just a few simple steps. Our special rubber gloves also help you with this. More information and other products from the accessories range can be found here.